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River's DilemmaRiver's Dilemma

River’s Dilemma: The Defensive Conundrum for the Upcoming Clash with Gimnasia

River's Dilemma
River’s Dilemma

In the world of Argentine football, few teams capture the hearts of fans quite like River Plate. With their rich history and passionate supporters, every move the team makes is closely scrutinized. As River prepares for its upcoming clash with Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata, there is one burning question on everyone’s mind: What will be the final composition of the starting eleven, particularly in the defense?

The Unwavering Leader

River Plate currently stands as the leader of Zone 1 in the League Cup, and their recent performance against Independiente left fans excited. However, the only doubt that lingers in the air pertains to the defensive lineup. Will the coach, Martín Demichelis, opt for continuity, or will he make a tactical adjustment?

Staying True to the Winning Formula

After an emphatic victory against Independiente, El Millonario might continue with a lineup similar to the one that brought them success. The attack-minded strategy worked well for River, but the real question arises in defense. Will they stick with a right-back known for his offensive prowess, like Santiago Simón, originally a midfielder? Or will they opt for a more traditional marker in that position, such as Andrés Herrera?

The Tactical Conundrum

The mystery surrounding this decision lies in the difference in tactics when playing away from home. While River typically adopts an aggressive stance from the outset when playing at home, away games require a slightly more cautious approach. This is where the dilemma unfolds. In La Plata, River might need a solid defensive presence, which could lead to Herrera’s inclusion.

The Unfortunate Absence

Adding to the complexity of the situation is the unavailability of Uruguayan midfielder Nicolás de la Cruz. He has been sidelined due to inflammation in his Achilles tendon and won’t be making the trip to La Plata. This leaves the midfield role to be filled by Rodrigo Aliendro.

The Probable Formation

As River Plate faces Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata, the probable lineup could look something like this:

  • Goalkeeper: Franco Armani
  • Right-back: Santiago Simón or Andrés Herrera
  • Center-backs: Leandro González Pirez, Paulo Díaz
  • Left-back: Milton Casco
  • Midfielders: Enzo Pérez, Rodrigo Aliendro
  • Attacking Midfielders: Ignacio Fernández, Esequiel Barco, Manuel Lanzini
  • Striker: Miguel Borja


  1. Why is the defensive lineup a concern for River Plate?
  2. The defensive lineup is a concern because it impacts the team’s overall strategy, especially in away games where a more cautious approach might be needed.
  3. Who might replace Nicolás de la Cruz in the midfield?
  4. Rodrigo Aliendro is likely to replace Nicolás de la Cruz in the midfield.
  5. What are the team’s recent achievements in the League Cup?
  6. River Plate is currently leading in Zone 1 of the League Cup, and their recent victory against Independiente has left fans excited.
  7. Why is the choice between Santiago Simón and Andrés Herrera important?
  8. This choice influences the team’s defensive strategy, with Simón being an attack-minded right-back and Herrera offering a more traditional defensive approach.
  9. When is the upcoming clash between River Plate and Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata?
  10. The match is scheduled for this Sunday at 5:30 p.m.


River Plate’s journey to maintain its lead in Zone 1 is fraught with challenges, and the tactical decisions of Martín Demichelis will play a crucial role in the outcome of their games. The choice between an attack-minded right-back and a more traditional marker in defense underscores the tactical versatility and adaptability of this iconic club.

So, as the fans eagerly await the kickoff, the burning question remains: What will River Plate’s starting eleven look like in the upcoming battle against Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata?


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