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I'm Si-Hyeon and Ansan: A Gold Medal 'Family Fight' in ArcheryI'm Si-Hyeon and Ansan: A Gold Medal 'Family Fight' in Archery

I’m Si-Hyeon and Ansan: A Gold Medal ‘Family Fight’ in Archery

I'm Si-Hyeon and Ansan: A Gold Medal 'Family Fight' in Archery
I’m Si-Hyeon and Ansan: A Gold Medal ‘Family Fight’ in Archery


The world of sports often gives us stories that inspire and captivate. One such tale is the remarkable journey of Im Si-Hyeon and Ansan in the field of archery. In a heart-pounding final, these two talented archers clinched gold medals, making it a ‘family fight’ to remember. Join us as we delve into the electrifying world of archery and relive their momentous victory.

Im Si-Hyeon and Ansan Advance to the Finals

In the women’s recurve event, Im Si-Hyeon and Ansan, representing the Korean archery team, reached the finals. This achievement alone was a testament to their exceptional skills and unwavering dedication. The world watched in anticipation as these athletes prepared to battle it out for the coveted gold medals.

Male Go Team Triumphs

Before we dive into the epic showdown between Im Si-Hyeon and Ansan, let’s not forget the incredible success of the male Go team. In a thrilling competition, they defeated China to secure the gold medal in the team event. The Korean archery team had already made its mark on the medal race, setting the stage for an unforgettable finals showdown.

Reporter Song Ki-Seong’s Coverage

To capture every moment of this exhilarating journey, Reporter Song Ki-Seong provided comprehensive coverage. His reporting allowed fans worldwide to stay updated on the progress of their favorite athletes. With his insights, we gained a deeper understanding of the challenges and triumphs that awaited Im Si-Hyeon and Ansan.

The Unforgettable Finals

As the women’s recurve semifinals unfolded, all eyes were on Im Si-Hyeon and Ansan as they faced the home team, Chinese players. The tension in the air was palpable, and the stage was set for a breathtaking showdown.

I’m Si-Hyeon’s Remarkable Journey

Im Si-Hyeon, the youngest member of the women’s national team at just 20 years old, faced a nail-biting final shoot-off. Tied at five sets, she displayed remarkable composure and skill, shooting a perfect 10 points. Her performance propelled her dramatically to the finals, leaving her opponent Li Zaman of China with a score of 9 points. It was a stunning victory that showcased Si-Hyeon’s potential and determination.

Ansan’s Pursuit of Gold

Ansan, a three-time winner of the Tokyo Olympics, also faced a close battle in the full set. However, in the final set, she delivered an outstanding performance, scoring three 10-pointers and six points. This remarkable comeback allowed her to overcome her tenacious opponent, setting the stage for a gold medal showdown with Im Si-Hyeon. Ansan’s pursuit of gold was nothing short of inspirational.

Words from the Champions

Both Im Si-Hyeon and Ansan expressed their feelings about advancing to the finals:

Lim Si-Hyeon/Archery National Team: “I am so honored to have advanced to the finals. Since it was difficult to advance, I will do my best in the finals and achieve good results.”

Ansan/Archery National Team: “I hope I have a fun match with Lim Si-Hyeon. I hope it’s a satisfying match for both of us.”

Men’s Baduk Team’s Gold Medal

While the spotlight was on archery, let’s not forget the achievements of the men’s baduk team. In the final of the team event held as a 5:5 team competition, Korea’s 9th dan Shin Jin-Seo, Shin Min-Jun, and Park Jeong-Hwan defeated China’s 9th dan Yang Ding-Xin, Ke Jie, and Mi Yu-Ting. They secured the gold medal by winning the first three games, adding another triumph to Korea’s impressive medal collection.

Women’s Handball Team’s Victory

The excitement didn’t end with archery and baduk. The women’s handball team also advanced to the finals, defeating China. With a history of winning gold medals since its adoption as an official sport in 1990, the national team continued to impress. In a close match that extended into the second half, the team’s ‘Veteran’ Ryu Eun-Hee’s attack power was pivotal in securing a comfortable 30-23 win. Their next challenge awaited them in the form of Japan in the finals.

Ryu Eun-Hee/Handball National Team’s Words

“It would be a lie if we said there was no pressure, and we are working hard to continue what our sisters have done, so please show us a lot of support.”

The women’s handball team was a testament to the strength of Asia’s strongest team, clinching their 8th gold medal in the upcoming finals.

I'm Si-Hyeon and Ansan: A Gold Medal 'Family Fight' in Archery
I’m Si-Hyeon and Ansan: A Gold Medal ‘Family Fight’ in Archery

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How did Im Si-Hyeon and Ansan perform in the finals?

Both Im Si-Hyeon and Ansan delivered outstanding performances in the finals, securing gold medals in a thrilling showdown.

Q: What was the outcome of the men’s baduk team’s competition?

The men’s baduk team secured a gold medal by winning the final of the 5:5 team competition.

Q: Did the women’s handball team advance to the finals?

Yes, the women’s handball team advanced to the finals, defeating China in a closely contested match.

Q: How many gold medals has the women’s handball team won since 1990?

The women’s handball team has won gold medals seven times since it was adopted as an official sport in 1990.

Q: Who covered the story of Im Si-Hyeon and Ansan’s journey to the finals?

Reporter Song Ki-Seong provided comprehensive coverage of Im Si-Hyeon and Ansan’s journey to the finals.

Q: What was the score in the women’s handball team’s victory over China?

The women’s handball team comfortably won with a score of 30-23 against China in the semifinals.


The story of Im Si-Hyeon and Ansan’s remarkable journey to the finals is one of determination, skill, and triumph. Their gold medal ‘family fight’ will be remembered as a defining moment in the world of archery. As we celebrate their victories, let’s also applaud the achievements of the men’s baduk team and the women’s handball team, showcasing the strength of Korean athletes on the global stage.


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